Most of us know Psalm 23 quite well – it's that great Psalm of comfort and hope amidst any circumstance.

In the uncertain and rather crazy circumstances we are currently in, we need to be reminded that Jesus is our Good Shepherd and He is actively shepherding our lives. In short, He is giving provision, protection, and direction to us just as a shepherd does with his sheep.

In this Deeper Christian episode, Nathan Johnson gives a big picture understanding of Psalm 23 and discusses 4 amazing revelations found in the passage:

  1. God's intimacy is revealed
  2. God's continuing salvific work is revealed
  3. God's character is revealed
  4. God's purpose is revealed 

If you are looking for encouragement and hope in these troubled times, this episode will point you back to our Good Shepherd Jesus Christ.

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The world is in a pandemic panic over the coronavirus, but how are we to respond as Christians?

Rather than living with fear, anxiety, and worry, a Christian is to face such a crisis with calm, peace, joy, and hope.

But how can we as believers experience hope amidst the coronavirus? The secret is in where we place our hope.

In this Deeper Christian episode, we look at the crisis of the coronavirus and how to have peace rather than panic, calm rather than chaos, and hope amidst a world fretting in fear.

Christians are to live unlike the world and this is a time in history when we can be known by our love and peace rather than our panic and avoidance.

We were made to be obsessed.

Each of us has an obsession – often revealed by what we most think about throughout the day, where we spend our money, how we spend our time, and what we talk about.

The question is not "are you obsessed" the better question is "what are you obsessed with"?

In this Deeper Christian podcast episode, we listen to a special message (a Bravehearted Thot) on the topic of obsession by my friend and mentor Stephen Manley. Stephen is passionate about Jesus Christ and wants to remind each of us that we are called to be obsessed with Jesus.

Examine your prayer life and you'll likely find that there are three things that you pray for most … and yet these three things God already wants to provide for you as your Good Shepherd.

In this Deeper Christian episode, Nathan Johnson gives an overview of John 10 and Jesus' declaration that He is the "Good Shepherd" and what that means practically for you as Christ longs to provide and give you protection, provision, and direction.

Far too many people are seeking escape and "peace" from their circumstances, trials, and difficulties. But what if true peace wasn't an escape FROM our problems but peace IN the midst of them?

In this Deeper Christian episode, Nathan Johnson talks about biblical peace and how we are called to have peace at all times – regardless of what may be going on around us.

When we recognize that Jesus Himself is our peace and that He wants to be our peace in every struggle or difficulty, then we find that our lives begin to reflect the reality of heaven – just like a lake at peace.

Join Nathan in this encouraging episode as you find peace in the middle of your problems rather than an escape from them.

We've all likely heard the old illustration of whether we are a thermometer or a thermostat. But I was listening to an interview done with Leonard Ravenhill toward the end of his life, and his comment about the thermometer/thermostat idea struck me afresh.

In this episode of the Deeper Christian Podcast, we listen to a short clip by Leonard Ravenhill talking about the thermometer and thermostat but gain an incredible insight into this old illustration – for as Ravenhill says, it's all about affecting or being affected by the environment.

February 12, 2020

144: One Thing God Cannot Do

While the blanket statement "God can do anything He wants" is true, it is only true to a point – for, biblically, there is one thing God cannot do.

Once you discover the one thing God cannot do, it actually produces greater confidence, trust, and hope in Jesus Christ as we can build our lives upon His unchanging character and nature.

Join Nathan in this Deeper Christian episode and find out the one thing God cannot do.

We as Christians often treat God as if He is merely a historical character from the past rather than the Living God.

How we see God will determine how we worship and engage with Him. Either we will fall into religious ritual and duty or we will be consumed with a passionate desire for greater relationship and intimacy with Him.

In this episode, Nathan Johnson (NRJohnson) talks about the difference between seeing God as a historical character and beholding Him as the Living God that He is. Nathan also gives three ideas to help you grow in your understanding and relationship with the Living God.

And once we recognize God as the Living God, it will change everything in our lives.

As Christians, we should long to grow in our depth, understanding, and intimacy with Jesus Christ … but how? 

In this Deeper Christian episode, we look at Luke 24 and talk about experiencing "heartburn" in Jesus and five ways we can practically grow in our intimacy with Jesus.

Happy New Year!

Being a new year, many of us are writing down our resolutions and dreams for this year. Yet as Christians, we need to rethink resolutions and goal setting and consider if there is a better way. 

In this special New Year's edition of the Deeper Christian Podcast, my good friend Dan McConnaughey talks about new year resolutions and how we can resolve to live as Christians in 2020.

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